Orthotics and Bracing

Orthotic and Sports Bracing

Our staff brings over 35 years of expertise and training in both orthotic and sports bracing.  Our clinicians thoroughly evaluate injuries, discuss the orthotic/bracing options and assist with finding the best fit for each patient. Below is just a few of the items our clinic offers that may be purchased both out-of-pocket or via insurance.

Temporary “On-Site” Orthotics
Custom Permanent Orthotics – Plaster casted and fabricated by Langer

Ankle Braces
Ankle Braces
Ankle Sprain Bracing for return to sport/activity
Ankle Sleeves

Knee Braces
Custom or OTS ACL braces
Custom or OTS OA Unloader braces
Knee Stability Bracing
Knee Sleeves

Back Braces for Lumbar Support

Elbow Braces
Elbow Sleeves
Tennis Elbow Straps

Shoulder Braces
Shoulder Stabilizing Braces

Orthotic Ankle, Knee, Elbow & Shoulder Braces

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Physical Therapy and Sports Performance?

Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization
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